Thursday, March 27, 2014

15 simple and affective ways to add Pinterest to your social media business arsenal.

I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I learned that Pinterest is ranked 3rd in Social media networks (yes, 3rd I know, right) I heard there were benefits, but quite frankly didn’t take it too seriously—Pinterest is just a place to save things you like and keep them organized, which in and of itself was extremely intriguing to me and obviously many others. But really what benefit would a business have with the idea of freezing dog toys in a block of ice to keep a dog busy in the summer or how doing 600 crushes, 80 burpies and 100 jumping jacks everyday can give you the abs of your dreams. None, unless of course they own a dog grooming business or a fitness club. Plus it gives us Foodies a place to put the food we like while dodging the Facebook scrutiny “I do not care what the hell you ate for dinner last night” Yikes did I just admit to being one of “THEM.” In my defense it was long long ago and the few times I did share what I ate for dinner I included the recipe—I was only trying to be helpful, not bore anyone.

There is a slew of useful information out there on how and why to use Pinterest for business, and although I am a writer and avid reader, I really don’t care to spend hours learning the technical jargon and the why’s and how’s to do this and that. But being the nice person I am I spent hours reading and learning just for YOU and made you an easy to follow checklist of the basics. I know, how thoughtful of me, right? I also supplied a few helpful links for those who need more info below. So anyhoo, here is my simple list of 15 things to do on Pinterest to help your business.

15 tips for adding Pinterest to your business social media arsenal

1. Put the boards you want people to see first, first Be sure the cover photo is as eye catching as possible.

2. Have at least five pins per board, so it fills all visible space.

3. Find out what is trending right now and pin it, but be sure not to pin too many at once. Try to pin only a handful a day, you don't want to overwhelm people.

4. Chose multiple topics to pin about and keep them fresh.

5. Have a good variety of boards, not just business related. Don’t be afraid to show people who you are.

6. Follow others in your business and who share common interests. Repin from their boards often

7. Turn your Pinterest account into a business account. Convert to Business

8. Split up your bigger boards. Say you have an all fashion board; break it up into several boards like outfits, dresses, shoes, accessories etc.

9. Make your Bio count by using keywords that pertain to your business.

10. Be creative with your board titles, use a play on words, a song title, a funny movie quote, be fun and playful.

11. Long vertical pins get noticed, so whether you’re designing a new pin or you have multiple pinning options to choose from “Go Long

12. Include the source of your pin and be sure it links to the desired location.If it does not, delete it. Quality pins are important.

13. Add a custom Follow me button to your blog or website. 

14. Add a Pin it Button to your blog posts by using Widget builder. 
 For more info go read Pin it button overview .
15. Create a Pin Widget to add to your blog or website. Steps. It will look like this...

If you found these idea’s useful please share this post and feel free to comment and of course PIN IT

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