Saturday, March 8, 2014

To hire a book Cover Designer or not?

Yesterday I met with a very capable and talented book cover designer. I have no doubt that she could do a great job of building my book cover.  She would also offer the benefit of another contacts in the book business and would have multiple connections to share.  She would have a vested interest in wanting my book to succeed and would have my back.  She would be someone I can work with in the future and I can share ideas with her.  I could hire her and focus on the many other things I need to get this book and future books ready to share with the world

Well a no brainer, hire the girl…right?

Consider this now….I have eight years of experience in the photography business having had my own studio for much of this time and am also well-versed in Photoshop. Capturing the images just the way I envisioned them and designing a cover in Photoshop is totally do-able for me, I have the perfect model who is a friend of mine and I could buy a ticket and head to Florida, get the images I need, have myself a much needed little vacation in Florida where I have never been, catch up with my friend, see another piece of the world outside of Minnesota and head home refreshed ready to tackle my book cover and have multiple other image at my disposal to use for promotion pieces without the need to buy the rights from someone else and save myself a very good hunk of money. But the time I will spend on all of this would keep me from promoting my book, blogging, editing and social media (although my trip to Florida would give me something to talk about other than just my book.)
I also have another option--wait until the snow melts and take the images on the shores of Lake Superior, saving even more money, but may also wind up short on time due to the obscene amount of snow we have here in Minnesota which may linger too long and make my June book cover due date a little closer than I’d like. I do however work pretty well with time crunches.
Option one- Gain time to focus on promoting and editing and have a great connection in the business, by hiring a cover designer.

Option two- Doing the cover and photography myself, get a trip to Florida,  have multiple images to use for promotion, save a good amount of money, but don’t gain a connection and lose time that could be spent promoting and editing.

Option Three- Wait for Minnesota to be green, save a great amount of money, have images that match the books location perfectly, have multiple images to use for promotion, but don’t gain a connection and lose time that could be spent promoting and editing.

*Option two or three could very likely result in an image for book two and save me even more money.

The opinion of either author or readers are both welcomed and appreciated. Thanks you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read this over!


  1. It really depends what you want and when. There is even a fourth option ... Find a cover artist, rather than a designer, and commission some art in lieu of a photograph.

    Aidana WillowRaven

  2. I like the commissioned art idea. I will have to keep that in mind for future books.Appreciate the feedback Aidana!

    1. You're welcome :D It's a returning trend, right now. No complaints from me, since that's what I do ... lol.